Agilio: Diagnosis and Treatment Guidance Webinar

Using Agilio: Diagnosis and Treatment Guidance content to manage atrial fibrillation.

New changes to bleeding risk assessment.


Event Information:

Recorded: 14th July 2021

Duration: 40 minutes

In this webinar we demonstrate how to access the bleeding risk assessment guidance through MedicinesComplete, providing an insight into how this evidence-based content can be used in your work to benefit patients.

The presenters look at the diagnosis, risk assessment and management of a patient with atrial fibrillation (AF), using Agilio: Diagnosis and Treatment Guidance. They specifically focus on the new evidence surrounding ORBIT scoring methodology for AF.

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Kiri Aikman (Host), Head of New Content, Pharmaceutical Press
A hospital pharmacist by background, Kiri pivoted into the publishing and medicines information field since moving from New Zealand. She is passionate about providing digital health solutions to support clinical workflows and optimise patient care.

Dr Gerry Morrow, Medical Director, Clarity Informatics
Gerry practised as a GP for 20 years, where his interests were in cognitive behavioural therapy, end-of-life care and patient involvement. He has published extensively on all aspects of clinical care, healthcare developments, and the shared-care approach to clinical practice.

Ross Ferguson, Assistant Editor, Clarity Informatics
Ross has been a pharmacist for over 25 years and has been with Clarity for 6 years. He has worked in pharmacy publishing, owned a pharmacy, and been a pharmacy manager and locum. His book Pharmacy Management of Long-term Medical Conditions was recently published by Pharmaceutical Press.